• Audience

    Women who have been through breast augmentation surgery and hope to solve the problems of flat chest,puberty,mastoptosis and inaesthetic breast shape.

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    Flat Chest

    Flat chest usually refers to the breast of small dimension. The breast is the organ distinctively differentiated with skin. In woman’s breast, there are loose connective tissues constitute skin,fiber texture,adipose tissue and mammary gland.
    Having flat chest means we don’t look beautiful and sexy even in good-looking clothes.

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    Breast Operation

    It is conducted to release the muscular tension and pressure due to breast cancer and mastectomy, reduce the discomfort brought by hypertonia and leave more space for the future breast filling.

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    It is manifested as the breast deviating from normal position and sloping down.
    Mastoptosis may be a normal physiological phenomenon or caused by lactation or bad living habits.
    Mastoptosis mainly shown as position lowering of nipple-areolar complex, material breast prolapse and cutis laxa. The mastoptosis can be divided into mild,moderate and severe in prolapse degree.

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    Autologous Fat Transplanting Surgery

    Principle: Adapting to the Stwics constant-negative-pressure non-surgical breast augmentation system can increase tissue cavity for autologous fat transplanting surgery to promote transplanted adipose tissue growth ,lower the compression pressure and liquefaction absorptivity of fat and reduce the fat necrosis and adhesion. Malnourished adipocyte will contract before apoptosis. The negative pressure will slow the apoptosis, which means slow the fat absorption to make more fat survival. In addition, moderate constant negative pressure can increase the oxygen and nutrition supply to blood capillaries in breast to better repair and generate the blood capillaries of new adipocytes and promote of transplanted adipocytes growth, which is faster than that through non-surgical breast augmentation without constant negative pressure. The autologous fat transplanting surgery can achieve better effect to adjust the growth of adipose tissue and build perfect breast shape.